GROUP GAME PITCH: Individual Contribution

In week 6’s seminar we had the opportunity to pitch our game prototype to the whole class. This was a great way to showcase what we had designed over the past couple of seminars in the early sessions. My group worked really well together and we got along right from the very start.

For our group pitch, our individual contribution reflects upon our individual blog posts, relating to the different aspects of our game. In saying this, Liam focused on the background research, David specified the mechanics, Noelle looked into setting up the board game and I looked into the game narrative and the scenarios.

When designing our board game I decided that there is no real definitive narrative, but rather an introduction to the game.

“Who do you think will win in a fight? Judge Judy OR Mary Poppins? Mary Poppins of course.

We all like to think we are right. But are we capable of convincing others we are right too?

Back & forth will test your ability to argue your point of view even if you know you are wrong. This game doesn’t care if you are the most knowledgeable person in the room. As long as you can justify your answer and sound super confident you will have a fighting chance to win this game!”

I believe that we didn’t really need a strong narrative/theme because the arguments that occur within the game would be the narrative in itself, based on the scenario questions that were chosen. As a group we decided on the three different scenario topics and then I developed them even more by creating suitable questions under those topics.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 6.23.34 pm

For the group pitch I also looked into the estimated production costs. This was one of the simpler tasks, because I am currently doing a similar marketing subject (MARK 310) that focuses on metrics and costs. I was able to calculate the costs fairly quickly and came up with a rough estimate of the costs needed to produce our game. Looking at David’s research for a game contributor and Liam’s background research, I based our selling price off of Hasbro’s other games that were similar to ours. These board games, such as Cranium were sold for $39.99. With this in mind, I started with the selling price of $40.00 and worked backwards. I wrote down all the items we needed to play the game and did a rough estimate on what each would cost.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 6.27.46 pm.png

Overall I think our group game pitch went successfully, our combined efforts created a prototype and pitch that we, as a group are proud of. Moving forward from this group collaboration I feel more confident in my abilities to create my individual board game in a similar manner.



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