Moving Image Project

This assessment was inspired by another moving image project, The Life Train. This was a series of still images that combined lines from an original poem by Marv Hadin.  Quotes such as  “Life is like a train ride. We get on. We get off. We get back on.” and “Everyones journey will be filled with hopes, dreams, challenges, setbacks and goodbyes…we must constantly strive to understand our travels and look for the best in everyone.”

It focused on comparing the journey of life and the relationships you encounter to a train ride or a series of train rides. With this in mind I started to create my own moving image project, “Do you ever feel…” I focused on Fairy Meadows train station and centred around the idea of not knowing and how to overcome it.The sound effect used was called time lapse. I felt it emphasised the central theme as it had a reflecting tone. I intended to engage the audience with each still image by adding the repetition of scenario based questions.

Photo Credit: Keiden CheungNatasha Nikoloska & Misha Gold.






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